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AC Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance keeps AC units in the best condition, helps to detect potential issues early and also prevents causing bigger inconveniences and repair expenses. Our experts meticulously examine your AC unit and also identify the exact cause of the problem so as to determine the best possible solution. Here are some benefits of regular AC maintenance & Servicing

Here are some benefits of regular AC maintenance & Servicing

Enjoy fresh air

Regular AC Servicing and maintenance ensures there is no dust or mold formation in the AC units. A well serviced and maintained AC units doesn’t circulate dust or any foreign particles. This allows you to enjoy clean & fresh air at home.

Reduced DEWA bills

It is no brainer that well maintained AC unit shall work with utmost efficiency and minimum load. This reduces the power consumption leading to reduced DEWA bills for your house.

Avoid Major breakdowns

At Right Vendor, we believe AC maintenance is very important to ensure that all Mechanical, Chemical and electrical components are working fine. This in turns helps avoid any kind of Major breakdowns in the sub-components of the AC unit.

General AC Servicing

Our AC experts ensure through inspection, servicing and cleaning of AC units. Below mentioned points are covered in AC Servicing:

Duct Cleaning

As dust, dirt, mold and other harmful substances accumulate in ducts of home air systems, it can have a significant impact on the quality of the air we breathe. Dirty and moldy ducts have been shown to cause health problems for patients with respiratory conditions such as asthma, or those who suffer from allergies. Duct cleaning can rectify this, ensuring the quality and safety of your air. No matter the size or type of your duct system, our team of well-trained technicians can clean it from the blower and air plenums to the air supply registers and diffusers. We follow below mentioned for Duct Cleaning:
Air Conditioning Coil cleaning

Coil Cleaning (Internal & External)

The condition of the evaporator and condenser coils on any air conditioners, heat pumps, chillers, and refrigeration systems can make a substantial difference in the performance, efficiency, and service life of your systems. When the coils are dusty, dirty, or packed with debris, they cannot transfer heat efficiently, which could lead to serious equipment problems or even failures. Regular coil cleaning —at least once or twice a year —can protect these vital systems and improve their performance. At The Home Team, we offer coil cleaning services for residential and commercial facilities of all sizes. This involves removal of dirt, dust and sand, pressure washing and chemical cleaning.

Our other areas of expertise

Right Vendor AC experts have hand on experience in many different type of AC units. Our AC technicians come backed with at least 8 to 10 years of experience in maintenance industry. So you’re in safe hands.

Some areas of expertise include:

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