General Cleaning

  • It’s been long since your house got a professional cleaning touch. At Right Vendor we believe cleaning not only removes dirt, dust from surfaces but also destroys any kind off germ or bacteria breeding area in the house.

  • General cleaning as the name suggests is a basic cleaning procedure that involves vacuuming, mopping, dusting of objects & furniture. It also involves cleaning of kitchen by vacuuming, mopping & dusting of kitchen appliances.

  • Please note: General cleaning is not an elaborate cleaning procedure like Deep cleaning, therefore, doesn’t involve moving of furniture, heavy equipment etc. 

Deep Cleaning

  • In Dubai, the weather is always dusty, and we experience frequent sandstorms which leads to not only respiratory disorders but also causes accumulation of Sand, Dust in the nook & corners.

  • Unlike general cleaning which involves only mopping & dusting, Deep cleaning involves thorough cleaning of floors with buffing machine, cleaning of appliances, fixtures, doors, cabinets, handles and much more.

  • At Right Vendor, we provide professional deep cleaning which involves following procedure:
Marble Polishing & Buffing

Floor Buffing:

A machine which has scrubber attached to the bottom of it allows us to thoroughly clean tiles, grout, corners as remove tough stains.

Kitchen cabinets

During Kitchen deep cleaning our professionals sanitize and clean cabinets, door handles, refrigerators, oven too.


A buffing machine is used if the space is adequate if not, our professionals sanitize, vacuum and thoroughly clean floors, vanity & WC’s


Vacuuming, buffing & mopping of the floors nook and corners of the room. All electrical appliances such as fan, lights, switch sockets or electrical boards are cleaned with utmost care.

If you wish to avail Deep cleaning with us, call now on 800 7876 to book an appointment.

Window cleaning

Squeaky clean Windows make your home look brighter and bigger. It’s best recommended to hire professional for your window cleaning because nobody likes scratches, marks or cracks on their windows.

At Right Vendor, our cleaning professional come equipped with all the right tools, chemicals and cleaning agents required for the job. The procedure is brief but effective application of  soap water with foam all over the window including the frame. After that, all the soap water is cleaned with wiper and dried to perfection.

Pave yard cleaning

Pave yard cleaning

There is no dirt or sand that can escape our pressure wash machine. Our pave yard cleaning specialist not only burst the dirt that has long settled in the Interlocks but also ensure they look line new.

Facade Wash

Our professional cleaning team comes equipped with years of experience in High rise Window & outside Facade wash services. Our cleaners ensure that old stains, and water leakage marks are thoroughly removed from external walls making the property look much cleaner and gives a fresher look.

Marble Polishing

  • Floor is the place in a property that is used the most — people of all shapes and sizes walk over it and therefore, it requires special care and pampering. Our Marble polishing & crystallisation professionals specialise in complete marble restoration, deep stain removal & shine restoration.

  • Marble polishing is the is work of great finesse and requires thorough professionals to handles it, one wrong move can damage the surface and grains of Marble causing irreparable damage.

  • If you wish pamper your Marble floor and restore it, give us a call on 800 7876 and we would be more than happy to help!

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