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We are the Leading Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai, Since 2005.

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We at Right Vendor, specializes in providing best Swimming pool services in Dubai that fits your requirements. We use advance technology to deep clean your pool for long maintained pH levels.

Our 15+ year experienced pool technicians are certified professionals in Swimming pool maintenance, who offers high-quality service to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Along with Swimming pool cleaning, we are also leading pool contractor in Dubai. Our team is best in business, who knows how to transform your idea of swimming pool landscaping and construction into reality.


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Professional Staff

We are committed to provide High-Quality of Service to our customers, they believe in us and we live up on their expectation as one the best pool companies in Dubai.

All in Service

All the pool care you need in one place, we take responsibility with pride in constructing, Installing, Maintaining and landscaping your pool paradise.

DM Approved

We are Dubai Municipality approved property maintenance company with 10 prestigious awards for our contribution in providing service to influential clients.

1 Year Warranty

Swimming pools requires regular maintenance, therefore we offer 1 Year warranty under Annual Maintenance Contract for a hassle-free 24x7 pool splash.

Our Swimming Pool Services

We offer wide range of swimming pool maintenance services to our customers


Pool Cleaning

To keep your pool sparkling clean, regular pool maintenance is important. We offer Annual packages for periodic pool cleaning.


Pool Tile Repair

Our Highly-skilled labour are best when it comes to restoring your swimming pool, we fix tiles and grouting without leaving any residue behind.


Water Pump Repair

Unusual sound or pool pump isn't working, our expert technicians are the right professionals to find and rectify the issue.


Leakage Repair

Underwater pool damages can cause water leakage, our team will detect any minor leakage and fix it right with proper applications.


Pool Light Repair

We specialize in swimming pool light repair or installation without draining the pool water, our belief is in saving water.


Pool Construction

We are leading swimming pool contractor in Dubai, from designing to swimming pool landscaping everything is in-house.

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Swimming pool cleaning in Dubai is an essential need, A hygienic pool water is important for a safe swimming experience for your family & guests to keep them away from bacteria causing diseases.

A Professional help can keep your swimming pool maintained all year along, our pool expert are well experienced who will identify potential problems with your pool and pool equipment.

We believe your swimming pool should work at its peak efficiency, while keeping it sparkling clean with best swimming pool maintenance it deserves. While there are many Swimming pool companies in Dubai, ours stand apart with 1 Year Warranty.

When you need pool maintenance, call us on 8007876 – toll free. Our team will understand your requirements and schedule a visit at your facility or residence.

pool Cleaning practices can be divided into 7 steps


Skim Off leaves and debris

Skimming is the first step of your weekly maintenance. We remove insects and any debris floating on the surface of the pool such as tree leaves, if not done regularly it may stain your pool or clog up your filter.


Brush Sediment from Pool Wall

Algae and small bits of debris can gather on the walls of your pool, as well as pool fixture like ladders and slides. We will deep clean pool walls and fixtures to remove dirt and prevent the spread of algae.


Vacuum the Swimming Pool

Once the algae and sediment have been brushed from the walls, we vacuum up using a automatic pump to pull our remaining debris that has floated to the bottom of the pool.


Clean Skimmer & Pool Pump

Following pool vacuuming, we clean out your skimmer(s) and check / Repair swimming pool pump, if necessary system to helps chemicals work effectively and ensures that water is properly filtered.


Check and Repair Pool filter

Pool filters, depending on types whether it is sand or cartridge it screen out debris and particles from your pool water. We clean it properly or repair if needed for its efficient working.


Test Water & add chemicals

It is necessary to test pool water frequently, Chemicals are usually added to the pool as disinfectants and sanitizers which control the growth of algae and bacteria in the pool.


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Most frequent questions and answers

The pool must be maintained and taken care of regularly, however for professional swimming pool cleaning we recommended every month. 

Pool water turns green because of algae in the water, it can grow rapidly particularly when it’s summer, which is why regular swimming pool service is required.

A filter works along with the swimming pool pump, when the water is pumped out from the main drain it flows through the filter which removes bacteria, dirt and debris.

Swimming pool water must undergo a water treatment to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, to do that chlorine is mostly used, along with other disinfectants like bromine & ozone.

Costing of Swimming pool companies in Dubai depends upon the area of pool. Usually Final quotation is prepared on required work and services.

Swimming pool landscaping is beautiful add-on to your pool site whether it is paver, plantation, trees or contour. Our specialized can bring your vision to reality. 

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