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Residential & Commercial AC Duct cleaning

Everyone who owns a home or business would want to keep their investment clean- regular dusting, upholstery cleaning and wall painting are usually the preference for most of ones. However, an essential-overlooked hygiene issue is AC Duct Cleaning which many people are unaware of and the harmful affect it can have on health.

If you’re residing in Dubai where mostly weather is hot & humid all year long, it’s likely your windows are closed most of the time and air conditioners are operating 24×7, which brings up the need of AC maintenance. The Air conditioner system consists of two sections, the AC unit and Duct. It is important that both parts are regular maintained especially Duct cleaning as well as sanitation of it to prevent contamination because it the core of ventilation system.


Improved Air Quality

Clean air vent will ensure you breathe with easy and unpolluted air


Eliminates Bacteria

Get rid of fungus & bacteria which can cause air borne disease & illness.


Reduces Air borne Allergies

Helps in reducing allergies like asthma and coughing caused by dirt duct.


Big Energy Savings on DEWA

If your ac duct are unclogged it will reduce energy bill significantly.

An unmaintained Air Duct accumulates a myriad of debris including dust, contaminants and other pollutants that degrades the air quality significantly as well as cause malfunction which can lead to expensive repair. The AC duct cleaning process requires professional approach and advance equipment for 100% effectiveness at which we excel among the AC duct cleaning companies in Dubai.

Professional service

Why choose us for Duct cleaning?

If you are looking for Residential or commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai, it is better to get it done by professionals, if your air duct system is cleaned incorrectly with improper tools it can actually worsen the condition of your air quality & duct.

At Right Vendor, we’ve developed a precise approach for cleaning your air vents – we use only highest rated equipment and green cleansers to safely as well as effectively sanitize your air ducts. As a result, you will notice significant improvement in air quality and breathing effortlessly as purifying your ac duct is essentially safeguarding the health of your family.

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Our AC Cleaning Services

We offer wide range of AC Services to our customers

AC Repair

24x7 Emergency service for your air conditioner at your door step

AC Duct Cleaning

Professional duct cleaning solution for residential & commercial space.

AC Servicing

Get hassle free AC service with AMC contract for uninterrupted cooling.

AC Duct Sanitation

Complete duct sanitation of your AC to kill bacteria & viruses.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Deep cleaning of kitchen vents for hygiene and good air flow.

Air Duct Inspection

We inspect your AC duct to see if they're operating to their efficiency.

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Arabian Ranches


“Best AC Duct Cleaning company in Dubai with well trained technicians, I’m totally satisfied with their service. Will recommend them”

Umran Malik

Emirates Hills


“We called Right Vendors  for Duct cleaning & sanitation, they were quick with their service and also they had taken care of all preventive measures ”

Rachel Walmsley

Jumeriah Island


“Professional Duct cleaning! Got it done at our office, it was overall smooth process. Adour improved alot. Also affordable with their Annual maintenance contract ”


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Frequently asked questions

We believe in customer interaction and their right to know the process of company.

Ac duct is the core ventilation of HVAC system, Collection of Dirt and contaminants in AC system blocks air flow and important components like evaporator coil and blower.

By cleaning your Air Duct, you will see an increase in the energy efficiency and reduced air borne allergies.

We recommend having your AC ducts cleaning in Dubai yearly, a regular cleaning will ensure your AC duct work as a preventive measure to reduce cost of maintenance and DEWA bills significantly.

AC duct cleaning companies in Dubai charges upon the no. of AC Units in the residence. Where other companies quote hefty amount, Right Vendor is affordable yet professional. Call on 8007876 or email at

Right Vendor is approved by Dubai municipality and is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).