6 Swimming Pool Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid.

Did you know, In Dubai, 30% of Residential Spaces have a luxury of Swimming Pool?

If you have one, you will be surely aware of the need to clean and maintain your pool regularly to keep it hygienic.

It is worth taking care of swimming pool if we consider the fun it has to offer, however you would be still missing out on right way of Swimming Pool Cleaning

We’ll bring you 7 Common Swimming Pool Cleaning mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Avoiding pH Levels and Alkalinity

A balanced pH for your swimming pool is as crucial as it is for the ecosystems to be healthy.

Pools with low pH indicates acidity where as high pH indicates alkalinity. Either of it is considered bad for your swimming pool.

If your pool have an imbalanced pH, it can cause damage to your pool equipment. Such as the water pump, filter, heater, vinyl liner and much more with improper pH levels.

How to avoid?

The best possible way to avoid acidity or alkalinity is by regularly keeping a check by testing your pool water. If it is found that your pH is very low or high then you can use chemicals by contacting us, our expertise can help you reach the perfect pH balance for your Swimming Pool Cleaning.


2. Adding Pool Shock through Skimmer

This is the mistake which you can’t afford to make because the expensive pool repair outcomes.

Adding pool shock through your skimmer is not recommended due to the chemical reaction that is caused by combining pool shock and chlorine which releases deadly gases. If your pool filtration system has an automatic chlorinator and you go further to add pool shock to the skimmer, this could result in an explosion in your pool’s filter systems.

How to avoid?

This can be avoided by following the manufacturer’s instruction when you are adding pool shock while wearing the proper safety gear. However we recommend to hire an pool expert for the Swimming Pool Maintenance work.


3. Operating Pool Filter System for less than 8 hours a day

Most often made mistake swimming pool owners make is ignoring to run pool filter system for at least 8 hours a day, it won’t work effectively if not being operated properly.

Chances of contaminants and critters will be more prominent in your swimming pool if you don’t let pool filter run as recommended.

How to avoid?

This could be avoided if you ensure to operate your pool filter and pump for at least 8 hours regularly ever day depending upon the size of your swimming pool.

4. Adding Pool Shock Directly into Swimming Pool Water

When you are pouring shock into your swimming pool you are mixing concentrated chlorine. At high concentrations, chlorine reacts and bleach anything it comes in contact with.

How to avoid?

Easy way to avoid the reaction is to follow the set procedure of dissolving the shock in bucket full of water. This will ensure the concentrated chlorine is dispersed and dissolved in the water which will protect your pool walls and flooring.


5. Not brushing at time of Swimming Pool Cleaning

Once the water from the swimming pool is vacuumed out, brushing should be next in process.

Use a pool brush to deep clean swimming pool and areas which are hardest to reach such as waterline, stairs, corners and behind the ladders. This will keep growth of algae away.

We however recommend it to be done by Swimming Pool Cleaning professionals, at Right Vendor we have a team of experienced cleaners who are best in Dubai. Call 800 78 76 to book your appointment.


6. Removing Algae with an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Algae in swimming pools can be big headache, it might look fascinating using your robotic pool cleaner but algae can turn make your money go in waste.

An Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaning will push algae and debris through the machine and clog it and cause significant damage.

How to avoid?

The best possible solution is to do manual vacuuming by removing drain plug and switching pool filter to waste. However, professional swimming pool cleaning service can make your life easy with Annual Maintenance Contract. We have affordable plans for your pool for a hassle-free cleaned pool.


Swimming Pool Cleaning - Get the Right Maintenance For your Pool

A swimming pool is a luxury of home, keeping it clean and hygienic is increase the grace of your home as well as ever ready for relaxing and spending fun time with your family.

However, the only worry of pool owners is the regular maintenance of it. Which takes a lot of efforts, time and energy. At Right Vendor we offer quality Swimming Pool Cleaning in Dubai as well as affordable Annual Maintenance Contract and pool construction. Our 15+ Years of experienced technicians are professionals who will ensure best service for you. Get free quote on 8007876 – Toll free or email us at info@rightvendor.ae

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